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Lily And The Rose Catering’s Use Of Organic Foods Is A Reflection Of Owner’s Values


By Elizabeth Dimick

Kim Klopstock’s story begins in the downstate village of Nyack where she spent the early years of her life until the age of 10 when her parents moved to Saratoga Springs.

It was during these young impressionable years her family and extended family instilled upon her the morals and ethical values that she, not only still clings to today but is the foundation for which Klopstock lives her life and runs her successful business, Lilly and The Rose catering which services events in several states across the country but centered in the Saratoga Springs area.


Klopstock spoke fondly of how social her family was and how often they would entertain guests and believes it was these experiences that led her to love to entertain as a career.

As an adult, she hitchhiked cross-country after graduating from Skidmore, only to settle in a tight-knit community in California. It was here that she kindled her interest in organic food, using foods to cure illness, energy healing, and alternative medicine.

Once she moved back to the Saratoga area, she and her husband settled on their organic farm in Cossayuna, northeast of Saratoga Springs, to raise and nurture their two children. In 1996, she and her husband parted ways and Klopstock needed to support herself, so she opened Lilly and The Rose.

“All I want to do is live my life, be the best I can be. I want to try to leave this world a better place,” said Klopstock.

She incorporates her organic lifestyle, as much as she can, into her business. It is the love, family and togetherness that have been the driving force for all she does. “Community and family have just been such a big part of my life, I love bringing people together,” she said. She said the only challenges she has faced were with Lilly and The Rose Kim were economic ones.

“People love to cut corners when money is tight and taxes are strangling businesses. I refuse to cut corners. I want to bring the best organic meats and foods to my guests,” she said. Food is gluten free.

Her business caters events like Saratoga destination weddings, and she has catered events in New York City and Vermont. The menus are fanciful, as the information on the Lily and the Rose website reveals. 

They include hors d’oeuvres like crudite—a mix of fresh organic vegetables and and herbed dip, and homemade boursin made with fresh herbs and served with gourmet crackers.
Choices for an Asian station, for example, could include an assortment of vegetable sushi, sashimi, vegetable spring rolls, hand rolls; pan- seared, line-caught tuna served in a mini martini glass filled with seaweed salad and wasabi cream. Salmon Chaud-froids involves a whole poached salmon served with its head and tail on, decorated with paper-thin English cucumbers and served with a cucumber dill sauce, the website notes.

Entree ideas that can be served as either a sit down dinner or on a station, an include such offerings as herbed New Zealand rack of lamb with herbed red roasted potatoes, and spinach timbale.

Tuscan Chicken is pounded chicken breast sauteed with red roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes in a white wine sauce served on a bed of gemelli, according to the menu. The Lily and the Rose website is

Klopstock can be reached at 587-1953, or via e-mail at



Women Of Business

Today’s world is changing for women. There are more and more prominent women holding high positions in the world of business. Even with all the change that has been happening over the decades, women still struggle to get to where they want to be professional. Even though we have overcome many obstacles, we still struggle t obtain status in our career’s and are still expected to play a sole leading role in the home, on top of trying to manage our careers.
Our Woman of business is Kim Klopstock. Kim is an incredible woman. With her heart at home and her mind in her business, she created one of the most successful restaurants in the country.

Kim Klopstock is the founder for Lilly and The Rose Restaurant and Catering service. All the food she serves is organic and locally harvested. Throughout her life, Klopstock was surrounded by a full, loving and privileged family in Saratoga Springs, NY. She is a graduate from Skidmore, and loving mother of two, grandmother of one. Klopstock said that the love and togetherness she had in her life growing up, laid the foundations for the ethics she holds today.

“I love the feeling of community, love and togetherness. I came from a very privileged family. My mother entertained a lot as well as my grandparents. I love to help people to come together.”

Even though she says she is a private person, she has created quite a stir. Lilly and The Rose in a nation wide success with locations between NY and San Francisco. Klopstock started her business as a result of a divorce. She suddenly needed to find a way to support herself and her family.  Klopstock is active in alternative living. She believes in feeding the heart, mind and body. Playing an active role in the green movement is important to her.

” I do the best I can to bring pure whole foods to my business.”

Klopstock also sees a spiritual healer and has not immunized her children. Bringing the world back to it’s roots with the green movment is one of her goals and practices in her life and business.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I recently got a letter form my Landlord telling me she wants me and my family out of our apartment in 30 days or less. Normally I’d be ecstatic about this(I hate staying in one spot too long) but now that my kids are school age, I find myself wanting to settle somewhere.

I want them to have the opportunity to form lifelong friendships. That’s kind of hard when your mom upheaved your life and moves to a new town once every other year! I decided to stay in Greenwich, NY where my oldest (Johnny) started kindergarten a few years back.

Now that my youngest (Robert) has started school and Johnny is already in second grade, I wanted them to make good long-lasting friendships.

Faced with the prospect of being kicked out coupled with the fact that there is just no affordable rents in this town, I fear we will have to move out of the area. This breaks my heart for my kids. They will be so sad to leave their friends. I hate my landlord for making me do this to my kids.

There is one option I have been milling over… Buying a home. The market here in NY is still on the buyer’s side. Prices are cheap, Taxes are cheaper and it all looks good. There, again, a lack of priced to sell housing in my area and have looked to other towns and Hamlets for a solution.

I have found a modestly priced home in Cambridge, NY with lots of property and a nice sturdy set-up. We looked into a mortgage and were denied by the traditional methods of procuring mortgages. Again I am taken aback… We are trying one last route…A USDA loan.

The process is long and will mean co-habitaing with my In-laws untill it is done, but it looks optimistic for us. I am so ready for a place to finally call home.


We Like It RAW!

Food that is!  I recently watched a documentary by an Australian named Joe Cross. It’s a self-made documentary about his 30 day raw fruit and vegetable juice diet he went on while driving across the U.S.

Joe (riddled with health issues) was sick of taking pills upon pills every day due to his health issues caused by excessive eating, drinking and too little exercise. By the end of the 30 days, he had lost a ton of weight and was completely off all his medications!

Juicing is a great way to get all the micro-nutrients directly into the body in an extremely absorbable way without the body’s digestive processes destroying the nutrients, or getting flushed out with the high fiber content of the vegetables.

Some Studies even suggest that certain foods when juiced can alleviate, or even cure many of our health problems such as; high blood pressure, cancer, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, allergies and improve brain function and cognition. Sounds good to me!

images nutrient Density of our foods

I didn’t have a juicer to juice with and had never tried a full to 75% raw diet before. I have tried to implement an organic and natural diet at home, but the cry of outrage that rings out from the three men in my house is intolerable when I try to make them be healthy.


So I humbly bought them their so desperately sought after garbage and them bought myself my healthy, organic nutritious food. But when my Fiancé took his new, lower paying job in September, things have gotten very tight.Feeling guilty about buying separate meals for myself, I started to just eat the same foods I bought for my boys and Fiancé. That’s when I REALLY started to pack on the weight. I was depressed. My Fiancé and I were fighting all the time, all of which made me withdrawn.
My boys started complaining that they were hungry all the time because they couldn’t snack as much as they used to. This made me feel REALLY bad! So, the weight piled on… As I would lie on the couch crying and feeling sorry for myself, I would gain more weight from lack of movement  and stress.

Weight and height are used in computing body m...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long story short, I saw a post by my girlfriend about a 10 juice fast she was doing! With money flowing again, my Fiancé bought me a juicer! (Such a sweetie) and we now have the means for me to buy myself all the things I needed to implement this juice fast!!!
I started it two weeks ago, and lasted about three days before insanely plopping my face into a bowl of Mei Fun rice noodles from the Chinese restaurant next door to my job. So I took a week off and was going to start again!


Great! BUT… I got sick three days ago, just after I started the fast. So! Here I sit all sick and crap. The only thing that kept me from juicing was the fact that I couldn’t stand very long without feeling woozy, and my Fiancé wouldn’t do it for me. The only way he will touch vegetables is if there is Cheese Whiz on it!


juicer (Photo credit: Shockingly Tasty)

I am starting to feel better though! Then hopefully I can successfully RE-start my journey to regaining my health, beauty and vitality once again!!!
I hope you will all join me on my journey to better health! As a matter of fact, I Challenge you Women to do it with me…10 days minimum….30 days Max!

Have you tried a juicing fast, or 75% or more raw food diet? How about The Paleo Diet? Vegan? If so, share some tips, tricks and some juicing recipes with us! Or just share your Story about YOUR experiences with diets, fads and success stories!

Finding Strength…When Tragedy Strikes

Lung Cancer (journal)

Lung Cancer (journal) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good friend of mine recently found out that her husband has  lung cancer. Having a sister who is battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, I took the news as a call to action to offer my knowledge and research on the best Dr.’s and Oncologists I found for my sister. 

Non-Hodgkins is one of the most incurable forms of cancer. My sister was stage 3 of 4 when they found the cancer, and progressed to stage 4 of 4 during treatment. I offered her all the knowledge I collected. Armed with it, she was better able to discuss her treatments and chemo plan with her Oncologist. She is now cancer free.

Knowing how much the information I had gathered helped her, I offered the same information to my friend. She became agitated, claiming she didn’t [want to think about it right now]. I was take back by this! My first reaction with my sister was find out everything I could about what Was happening, what May happen and what inevitably Will happen with her cancer and all available treatments.

I thought of it as being irresponsible to just ‘set it aside’ and not think about it because it was ‘too much to bare’. I understand why she doesn’t wat to, but she NEEDS to her husband NEEDS her to.

Regardless of my opinions, apologized for upsetting her and offered her my sympathy and support. I hope that knowing I dealt with almost losing my sister to cancer, that I can offer her solace, as well as knowledge for her and her husband so they can make better more informed decisions on his treatment.

Was it wrong of me to offer her the information I have collected over the years about cancer and success rates of various treatments? Have you dealt with cancer or know soone who has, and if so, how did you cope or help them cope with it? Please leave a coment below and let us know!

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